CSBC Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Syllabus

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Central Selection Board of Constable (CSBC) has issued notification and syllabus as well.

CSBC Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Syllabus

CSBC Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Syllabus
CSBC Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Syllabus

CSBC Bihar Police Constable Final Merit List

The Selection of Constable for Bihar Police, Bihar Military Police (BMP), Special India Reserve Battalion (SIRB) and Bihar State Industrial Security Battalion (BSISB) is based on written Exam, Physical Qualification, Running, Gola Fek and High Jump. Final Merit list will be made on the basis of Physical Efficiency Test and Written examination marks will not be considered in the final merit list.

Exam Pattern
  • Written exam will have Objective Type Question.
  • Question Paper will carry 100 questions.
  • The Question paper will be of 12th standard.
  • Time duration will be 2 hours.
  • 01 Mark will be alloted for each correct answer and test will be of 100 marks.
CSBC Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Syllabus

Exam syllabus is given below for Bihar Police Written Exam

Bihar Police Constable English Syllabus:-  

  1. Translation from Hindi into English
  2. The uses of Tenses, Narration, Report, Modal, Phrases and Idioms
  3. Preparing Note and writing summary of a given passage
  4. Comprehension of unseen factual/Imaginative passages
  5. Reading Tales/ Short Stories / Short Plays
  6. Reading of informative pieces/ Essays
  7. Reading poems for understanding
  8. Free Composition on familiar
  9. Various register of English

Bihar Police Constable Math Syllabus:-

  1. समुच्चय, संबंध और फलन, गणितीय तर्क शास्त्र
  2. अनुक्रम और श्रेणी, द्विघात समीकरण, संचय एवं वयंजन, द्विपद प्रमेय और रैखिक समीकरण
  3. त्रिकोणमिती
  4. नियामक ज्यामिती, शंकु खंड
  5. सांख्यिकी , प्रायिकता

Bihar Police Constable History Syllabus:-

  1. Origin of Human being and stages of prehistoric evolution, Urban traits, Material Life, Socio religious life
  2. Early Indian Religious – Buddhism, Jainism, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Vedic
  3. The Medieval Order- The Arabian Experience, Constructive aspects of feudalism
  4. Political and Economic History of the Maurya- Rise of Magadh, Growth of Patliputra, Mauryan stone pillars
  5. Vehicles of modernization- Ideas institution and events, Reformation and Inventions in science and technology
  6. Culture and Economy from Post Mauryam to Gupta Period
  7. Modernisation – Revolution of 1688, Industrial Revolution, The American war of Independence, The French Revolution,
  8. Modernity- The First World War, Indo islamic culture, Language and literature, art and architecture, dress and life style
  9. Three Ideologies and their mutual confilcts
  10. Sanity VS Motivated Politics – League of Nations, UNO, Cold War, Decolonisation
  11. Post Modernisation- The chinese experience, Breakup of the USSR, Globalisation
  12. The Rule of the East India Company- Revenue settlements, Economic Impact, Policies of expansion
  13. The Revolt of 1857 – Causes, Nature, Effect and role of Kunwar Singh in Bihar
  14. The Indian Awakening in 19th Century
  15. The Nationalist movements
  16. Partition and Independence
  17. Vision of the new state

Bihar Police Constable Geography:-

  1. Geography as a discipline- Nature and Scope, Science and Spatial attribute, Branches of Geography
  2. Earth – Origin and Evolution of the Earth, Interior of the Earth, Geological process Earthquake and Volcanoes,
  3. Landforms- Mineral and Rocks, Types of Rocks and its characteristics, Landforms and its types
  4. Climate – Composition and structure, Element of Weather and Climate,Heat Budget, Problem of Global Warming, Green House Effect, Pressure belts, Air masses and fronts, Cyclones
  5. Hydrosphere oceans – Study of Submarine Relief , Distribution of temperature and salinity
  6. Biosphere – Ecosystem, Role of Man in Ecological Imbalance, Human and Environmental effects
  7. Economic Geography – Resources, Man and Environment, Main crops of the world, Major Industries of the world

Bihar Police Constable syllabus of Political Science:-

  1. Concepts of Politics – Nature, Definition and scope of political Science and Significance of the study of Political Science,
  2. Indian Government and Politics – Constitutional Development, Sources of constitution assembly and Preamble.
  3. Key Concepts – Law, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Rights, Duties and Directive principle of state policy.
  4. Union Executive – Power, Function, Duties and Role of President and Prime Minister.
  5. State Executive – Power, function, Duties and role of chief minister.
  6. Electoral System in India – Election Commission, Importance of Voting, Party system and role of opposition
  7. National Integration and challenges – Communalism, Regionalism, Casteism and Naxalism
  8. Foreign Policy of India – Determinants, NAM, SAARC, UNO

Bihar Police Constable syllabus of Physics :-

  1. Physical world and Measurement – Scope and Need of Measurement
  2. Kinematics – Motion in straight line, position time graph, speed and velocity, Uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity.
  3. Law of Motion- Force, Intertia, Newton’s low of motion, Equilibrium of concurrent forces, static and kinetic friction and law of friction
  4. Work, Energy and Power
  5. Motion of system of parties and Rigid Body
  6. Gravitation Properties of Bulk Matter
  7. Heat and Thermodynamics
  8. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory of Gases
  9. Electronics
  10. Current Electricity
  11. Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
  12. Alternating Current
  13. Electronic Waves
  14. Dual nature of Matter and Radiation
  15. Atoms and Nuclei
  16. Electronics Devices

Bihar Police Constable syllabus of Economics :-

  1. Introduction of Economics
  2. Collection, Organisation, Presentation of Data
  3. Statistical Tools and Interpretation
  4. Economic reforms
  5. Development Policies
  6. Current challenges facing economy of Bihar and India
  7. Development Experience of Bihar – A comparison with other states
  8. Introduction of Micro Economics – Consumer Behaviour and Demand, Producer Behaviour and Supply, Forms of Market and Price Determination
  9. Introduction of Macro Economics – National Income, Income and Employment, Money and Banking, Government Budget and the Economy, International Trade.

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus of Hindi :-

  1. गध्य खंड – प्रेमचंद , रामचन्द्र शुक्ल , कुमार गंधर्व , कृष्ण सोबती , शिवपूजन सहाय ,रामधारी सिंग दिनकर , विष्णु प्रभाकर , मोहन राकेश, नामवर सिंह, जय प्रकाश नारायण , पद्मा सचदेव , पंकज वीष्ट
  2. पाध्य खंड – विहद्यापति , कबीर, मीराबाई , सहजोबाई , नागार्जुन , जायसी , सूरदास , धनानन्द , अरुण कमल

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